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I am Crystal's Cold, Blue Eyes.

Pink pink PiNk

she spreads her legs and all you see is pink. punture a wound, and all you see is pink. cut myself up with a knife, and all i see is pink. i cry my tears, and all i see is pink. the scars on the thighs are pink. pink is how i feel about you... pink is how much i want your soul... pink is what i want to do to you... pink is sugary gum, pink is coton candy at the fair, candy is lacey little dresses, pink is her lipstick, pink is what you want and pink is what you are... i am not pink and i am not what you are. i am not pink, and that's what you want. all you want is pink.

Yeah. That prose was on crack. If you replace the word "pink" with "optimism", then you sort of see what I'm talking about. Optimism is way over-rated with myf riends sometimes. If you're not perky all the time, you're self-pitious, the end, cut. Optimism, in general, is seen as good. Even if it's total bullshit. Which, most of the time, my optimism is.

Because who the hell is REALLY an optimist? Honestly. They can beat themselves into it, but I know of no one who was born an optimist. Even the most cheerful people I know doubt first.

I am done with this philosophical bullshit, I promise. ^-^; It's a retarded poem, I know. But I enjoy prosing... ^^ It's very enjoyable.

Love is suicide
Love is suicide
Love is suicide
Love is suicide

We love you, Billy Corgan. I'm thinking of creating a LJ community... just for the fuck of it. I'm thinking of calling it "Prosers and Poets Anonymous".. something corny and retarded like that. And I want real, hardcore poets. I mean, people who write about how blue the sky is when they look in their lover's eyes is NOT poetry, it's corny BS. That's IT.

nobody's ever knew
no bodies
nobody's felt like you
no bodies...

love is suicide
love is suicide
love is suicide
love is suicide

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